Wellness Amenities are the Newest Thing in Luxury Real Estate Buildings

16 August 2019
Robert Greenberg Team

While Toronto may not be a “get to know your neighbours” kind of city, Toronto luxury real estate developers are steadily making an effort to get condo residents to connect in a more meaningful way than simply saying ‘hi’ in the elevator. The newest trend you may have heard of that is quickly gaining traction in the luxury real estate world is known as “wellness amenities.” 

What are Wellness Amenities? 

Like many great trends, this one hails to us from Los Angeles, California. There, where it’s always beach season, residents feel more at one with nature, and fitness is heavily engrained in to everyday life. Simply put, its wellness-oriented design aimed at bringing healthier spaces and activities directly to residents’ homes. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Common Areas

While not a new concept by any means, developers are re-thinking ways of making shared spaces not only more useable, but greener. We live in such a concrete jungle that many of us crave greenspaces and fresh air. Among the many amenities at the Davies Condos in Toronto, for example, is what they call a “backyard in the sky.” This outdoor space is a blend of the usual amenities, such as a rooftop pool and common grilling areas, while at the same time, seamlessly incorporating elements of nature that mesh well with the view beyond the building. Outdoor community gardens, live music on the rooftop, and sunrise yoga are a few other examples of wellness amenities in common spaces. 

Fitness Facilities

Nowadays, every building, luxury or not, comes standard with a fully-equipped gym; it’s simply not enough to impress buyers anymore!

Through the concept of wellness amenities, new and more interesting features are now emerging and catching the attention of luxury real estate buyers. Infrared saunas, dedicated kickboxing facilities, meditation rooms, and onsite golf ranges are currently making a big splash on the Toronto real estate scene. 

Pet-Friendly Amenities 

Everyone’s favourite family members are finally being recognized and given the royal treatment. Addressing the lack of dog parks in the city, for example, condo buildings such as the East Bayfront (currently in pre-construction), are promising to go beyond pet-friendly by incorporating a “dog run” that will provide a space for pooches to run off-leash directly on-site as a condo amenity. 

Pet spas are also becoming a popular staple in pet-friendly buildings. Whether they will be simple washing station, or full-service spas is difficult to say, but the point is, developers are becoming more conscious of how they treat our furry friends when it comes to condo living. 

As the idea of wellness communities makes its way from niche to mainstream, there are tons of ways developers and designers will be incorporating wellness amenities and communities in the future. As always, the Robert Greenberg team is keeping a finger on the pulse and keeping you updated by the minute. 

Are you on the hunt for superior wellness amenities around Toronto? Let the Robert Greenberg team do all the work in finding you the perfect home. Contact us to get started today.

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