5 Awesome Reasons to Live in a Condo

16 August 2019
Robert Greenberg Team

As over two-thirds of Canadian households now reside in condos, the question is: What are the benefits of condo living? Living in a condominium can be an incredible experience with a long list of perks:

1. More Sophisticated Amenities

As competition literally rises from the ground, developers are fighting tooth and nail to bring buyers the hottest available amenities in hopes of differentiating each project from the hundreds of others that are popping up on the market each month. In paying attention to buyer needs, developers are introducing new and exciting facilities and activities that make residents never want to leave the building. Concepts such as kickboxing studios, high-end bars and restaurants, and rooftop parks, to name a few, are turning condo living in to an all-inclusive lifestyle. 

The currently emerging trend of wellness communities, covered our latest blog (hyperlink to article here), will soon be bringing even more enticing amenities to the forefront of luxury Toronto real estate. 

2. A Greater Sense of Community

Tying in to fabulous amenities, developers are working hard to connect condo residents to each other by means of more than just an address. Although Toronto can be an intimidating city, the hope is that through common spaces and activities, building residents will get to know their neighbours, strengthening their network, or leading to meaningful friendships without ever leaving home. 

3. Easy Upkeep and Maintenance 

One of the greatest aspects of condo living is never having to stress over the minutiae of living in a house. Life’s too busy to worry about who’s going to cut the grass or what will happen if the pipes suddenly burst. Sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of the finer details.  

4. 24-Hour Concierge Services 

Especially when it comes to luxury real estate, there is no greater sigh of relief than knowing that someone is always watching over the building. Although technology has become more sophisticated, there is a certain peace of mind that comes with having a security guard. Beyond safety, having access to concierge services at all times can make condo living much easier. Concierges are generally knowledgeable in all of the specifics of each building, and are a friendly point-of-contact or go-between the resident and the management company.  

5. Downtown Living at Its Finest

Condo living offers a rare opportunity to become one with the city, taking in all the hustle and bustle at its absolute finest. Being able to access Toronto’s top restaurants, best venues, and most exclusive shops as if they were in the backyard is not something available to everyone.

Much like the Eiffel tower in Paris, for many, the Toronto dream is a CNTower-facing condo. Imagine waking up each morning knowing that the whole city is suddenly within reach.  

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