Should You Consider Buying Property on a Busy Street?

09 July 2019
Robert Greenberg Team

One of the most salient pieces of advice we can offer if you’re considering buying real estate in Toronto is it’s all about the trade-offs. 

When you think about it, the whole buying-a-home ritual is nothing more than – save for those with an unlimited budget – identifying, evaluating, and accepting trade-offs. 

There may be a luxury home in Toronto that has everything you want – Victorian stylings, large windows, a wine cellar, a bidet in every bathroom – but the location stinks. Or it’s in a prime location, but the home has a mere four bathrooms while you demand at least six. 

We know location is a major influencer, a big enough factor that can determine whether you buy or continue your search. You’ll consider neighbourhood and school districts on a macro level, and then corner lots, what’s on the street, and even the street itself on a micro level. 

One common micro concern buyers always mention are busy streets. “Great house, but the street is way too busy," is something we’ve heard time and time again.

So is it worth buying a house that has everything you want, even if it’s on a bustling street?

That’ll be up to you to determine (remember, trade-offs), but we can help you with the process with these considerations to keep in mind of living on a lively street:

Noise Levels

That dream Toronto mansion may have the huge balcony you’ve always wanted, but it’d be hard to enjoy with that TTC stop right in front, picking up and dropping off people every 20 minutes. 

Consider how loud the street is as a part of your consideration process – you don’t want incessant honking throughout rush hour, or the smell of fuel from the thousands of cars driving by each day. 

Traffic and Parking

Have you tried backing your car out of a driveway into morning rush hour traffic, hoping one of the 60 cars lined up let’s you in? We wouldn’t wish that upon our worst enemy. This is a common dealbreaker, and understandably so. 


Admittedly, this isn’t the strongest point, but one worth noting as we’ve heard the concerns from buyers before. Consider your kids playing on the busy street and their safety, as well as the higher likelihood of accidents in front of the house or on the property due to the higher volume of street activity. 


Living on a major city street will compromise some of your privacy, leaving you a tad exposed. With all the extra foot traffic, you’ll be sure to catch a lot more eyeballs and head-turns when you’re tanning on the front lawn. 

Your Kids

Does your kid(s) enjoy street hockey? Shooting hoops on the driveway? Playing on the lawn?

Then you may need to find a new location, as a busy street doesn’t leave room (or offer the safety) you kids need to have a good game of street hockey. There’s nothing more annoying than having to lift the net and yell ‘car!’ every couple of minutes. 

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