3 Tactics To Help You Sell Your Home Fast

09 July 2019
Robert Greenberg Team

You need to sell your Toronto home quickly. That dream job at the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory means relocation to Vermont, so you need a buyer for your property pronto – otherwise you’re stuck with the outstanding costs of carrying the home, or may not have the requisite funds to finance your move. 

While speed is rarely a strategy in which to base your home selling approach, there are a few tricks you can employ to help you get more interested buyers and have your home stand out from the saturated Toronto real estate market. The more eyes on your property, the more potential interest, and consequently, the higher likelihood of more offers pouring in. 

Try these three tactics if you’re trying to sell your Toronto home fast.

Set the Stage

Besides general cleaning and decluttering, stage your home in a simple but imaginative manner. Try to maximize each space, showing the potential of each room to interested buyers. The more you have them thinking ‘that’s a great idea’ or ‘look at what we can do with this space!’, the more intrigue you’ll build. 

Two important tips we feel work best in staging a home: Open blinds or ensure indoor lighting is ample to make your space bright and inviting; and consider rearranging, renting, or even removing furniture from certain rooms to show off each area in all its glory. 

Open Houses

Open houses are an efficient way for buyers to get a good feel of the house. Similar to the Raptors courting Kawhi Leonard for a calendar year, going through the experience first-hand does more than any five-minute elevator pitch can (hopefully your buyer doesn’t go the way of Kawhi though). 

Buyers are free to explore the property at their leisure, and your real estate agent can sell them on its features. This conversation can naturally lead to other value propositions, like how the property is an excellent investment at this time, encouraging buyers to act more quickly. 

Sell in the Spring

Spring is the season of home buying in Canada, with shoppers emerging from real estate hibernation keen on settling into a new habitat in time for warmer weather. Buyers with families prefer the spring, too, as a projected summer move won’t overlap with their kids’ school schedules. 

We saved the best home selling tactic for last. Robert Greenberg is a decorated Toronto luxury real estate agent with 30 years experience, responsible for buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars in Toronto property. 

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